Monday, May 21, 2007

Dancing Under the Stars

Vicky Pollard showing us all how it's done...
Many of us dream, we're sure, of whirling around a highly polished dance floor with aplomb, completely in step with a partner who is fleet of foot, erect of posture and minty of breath. Indeed, if you're like us, this may only ever be a dream, as the likelihood of straining knee or ankle ligaments, and/or head butting ones partner in the face, is far greater than the chance of successfully completing even the briefest of waltzes.

This should not dissuade you from shaking a leg come June 28th - quite the opposite in fact. For not only are all styles and ability levels welcome on the parquet, they are demanded. In submitting a request to have your fave tunes played at the reception, you, perhaps unwittingly, entered into an unwritten contract, committing yourself to abandoning any normal sense of decency and inhibition you might feel when bad music is playing. Maybe we should have made that clear when asking you for musical suggestions, but we didn't.

Some of you may be interested then, in working on your fancy footwork ahead of time and for those who do, we humbly submit this remarkable piece of footage for your consideration. We suggest you study this child's moves, they will come in handy should the music of a certain recently-divorced, serial-flasher, Louisiana-native, mother of two ring out during the reception...

You have been warned.

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bob said...

Had been looking for directions from Rome to Lupinari and got your web address. Finally found directions had been on the Lupinari site.
I don't recall the songs I suggested while at Blue Bell recently so I am providing new suggestions:
Santana's "Smooth", Flamingo's "I only have eyes for you", Temptation's "My Girl", Wilson Pickett's "Mustang Sally", and not as future forebearance, Fine Young Cannibal's "Driving Me Crazy".